An associate of mine posed a great question which I felt might be of interest others in the operational realm. She asked – “Based on your experience, what are the qualitative and quantitative differences between a small, mid-sized and large in-house agencies (IHA)?”

 I think that trying to define the differences, at any scale, is one of the many challenges that managers often face. Rather than taking the ‘size/scale’ approach, I personally believe it’s better to focus on three central areas which will work for any size IHA.

1) Senior Management Support

2) Building an Environment for Success

3) Providing the Resources to Make your Team Successful


Senior Management Support:

This is critical for a department of any size. I’m sure you’ve noticed, when senior leadership is not providing support to the team or has a clear understanding of what it needs, teams will often fail. Senior management sets the tone for the team allowing for that vision to filter down. I was very fortunate to have leaders who understood this and provided the optimum level of support needed for our team.

Building an Environment for Success:

This is what makes the difference between success and failure. Creative teams thrive in an environment that fosters free thought and creativity. They collaborate and process ideas differently than the rest of the team, and that needs to be addressed. If you’re seeking to develop a premium brand, take a look at the creative team’s environment and see if it inspires them to greatness.

Create a mission statement which sets your team’s aspirations, giving them a guiding light to the end goal. My last team had a 98% retention rate and the highest employee satisfaction in the company. This was not solely because of how I managed but because we, as a group, understood the importance of how our environment, both mental and physical, impacted our success.

You MUST also allow your team the space to fail. Exploring and pushing boundaries should be an accepted and promoted practice. This practice encourages greatness and reduces the stress of failure, cultivating a team that is both stronger, better and more resilient!


Provide the Resources to Make your Team Successful:

This encompasses areas from budget, to facilities and technology. The ability to provide the proper resources, at the right time, positively impacts a team of any size. Your use of technology and the latest applications can make a positive impact for your team. It’s your ability to push these boundaries, partner with vendors and stay abreast of new solutions which can provide winning solutions.


Their are many more metrics which you may need to be aware of but focusing on these three areas it will surely set your team on a winning path!

If you would like more information, please check out my articles covering this and other topics for people building In-House Agencies.

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